Planning Permissions
Before starting any building work, you must contact your local planning office to find out whether you need planning permission for your project. Planning permission is required in the vast majority of cases.
How do you know if you will need planning permission for your project?
In practice, planning permission is nearly always required.
As well as the obvious case of building, you will also need planning permission to demolish or renovate a property, or simply to change its primary use (a butcher’s that becomes a baker’s, for instance). Permission is also needed if the property’s use is to be changed completely, such as a barn being converted into a house. This applies even if the constructions are only temporary, or indeed mobile!
That’s right, planning applications are not only needed for permanent or large-scale building projects. Therefore, it’s always advisable to check with your local planning office, especially as some local authorities may have their own additional restrictions.
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